“One Year Reflection” Pt. 2 Feat. Kenitha Pearson

My name is Kenitha Pearson I am the CEO and Founder of Warrior Women On A Mission! a non-profit organization that brings awareness to human trafficking. I am all about empowering women! My experience as a curvy girl within the last year has been good and bad. Last year was my first time modeling for Curv Bella Boutique in Oak Park Michigan. Being in the fashion show made me feel good about my body for the first time. As curvy women, we now have a voice on the runaway and in magazines. Curvy women can do anything from athletic wear, swimwear, or revealing lingerie. We are out there and the runaway is becoming more diverse.

However, there are people who do not find women my size, even in church circles, to be attractive. For me, as a saint, it can be quite challenging in those circles no matter if you’re dating or just leading a group of people. They look at you as if you should be working and not wanting a partner. I remember one time in leadership this someone said to me “Kenitha I never thought you wanted to date anyone.” It made me feel terrible because everyone had someone and I didn’t. The guys would never ask us curvy girls out, only the slimmer shapely women. Also, people you know always say you should lose weight. There is also another factor in the dating world being a curvy Black woman; when you try to engage in an interracial relationships. When doing so, you’re always wondering if you look attractive enough because of your size.

Growing up, I didn’t have any curvy models to look up to. When you want to engage in activities like slimmer girls, they would laugh and not let you play with them. It was very heartbreaking and I was teased for it. At one point in my life I was going to attempted suicide as I was very depressed at age 11.  Curvy women like myself seem to feel like you must prove yourself to men more especially when it comes to relationships in comparison to thinner women. As of now, it seems easier or more acceptable to be a curvier woman.

Personally, I believe you should embrace your body in any form or fashion. I always dressed nice, keep myself up, and I walk with confidence. People do respect that. I can tell you one thing, I am more curvy and confident now than ever before. I never thought I would do modeling or walk on a runway.  A lot of my close friends who are smaller than myself say I have more confidence in my weight now than before I started modeling.

We as curvy women must learn to be happy in our own skin and be happy with what God gave us. I am learning to enjoy my body, even the parts of my body I don’t like. I highly encourage women to try modeling and see if you like it! Because when you do, you will feel sexy and confident about yourself. I did and you will too.

Embrace The Body God Gave You, It’s Beautiful!

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