Gem: /jem/ noun – A precious stone, especially when cut and polished or engraved.

In order to get the final product of a gem, it must be cut and polished. To the world, the gem seems to be already created and ready to be picked. The “flaw” of a gem allows it to be unique and shine bright. Each imperfection is a story waiting to be told.

Therefore, Fatness Fiction has found gems with more to discover. Read the stories behind each gem of the +Plus Size Magic photo shoot and learn what Fatness Fiction and +Plus Size Magic means to them.

What does Fatness Fiction and +Plus Size Magic mean to you? (Give us the real!)
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Fatness Fiction and +Plus Size Magic to me means loving yourself and being comfortable in your own skin no matter how you, or others may perceive you. There are times when I feel like I am not pretty enough or worthy enough because I am not a size 2, but to know that there are inspirational figures right here on campus at IU, has motivated me to change my own perceptions of myself and know that those perceptions are just Fiction! @bvgdaddyaj
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Fatness Fiction and +Plus Size Magic means loving the skin you’re in, embracing all that you are and all that you can be, and unapologetically creating space for yourself and your premium-ness! @glo1908
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Embracing all sorts of bodies, flaws and all! Being honest about the realities of existing in a fat body, and the ways that society does (and doesn’t?) construct ideas and perspectives of people who don’t fit into the skinny and petite mold. Most importantly, creating a platform to talk about the uncomfortable topics of body image that most people would rather avoid and sweep under the rug. @joe_diodato
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FF & Plus Size Magic, for me, is a way of coming back into oneself. Our bodies are our homes but sometimes our minds, society, people around us, make it feel like we should hate our homes & that our homes aren’t good enough. This initiative forces us to remember that our bodies are not only “okay, too” but wonderful and amazing. It’s about empowerment, about making our truths shine, allowing us to truly be apart of the conversation as well as lead our own! And I think it can be about self discovery, too. Building (or rebuilding) a good relationship with ourselves and each other. @__andrea.marie__
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 Reclaiming my time. Reclaiming my identity.  @Miss_PaigeLeigh
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When I see the words Fatness Fictions and +Plus Size Magic, I see a freedom of speech and confidence platform. A platform that allows me to be proud of who I am and to show other girls just like me, both young and old that no matter what size you are, you can be confident in your body! I have made it my mission to pursue my career in both making all women feel beautiful and making sure that plus size women are shined a positive life throughout media, but also throughout society! I have always been looked down upon because of my weight, but I am taking a stand here and now showing women that no matter what size, we are sexy and beautiful at a size 8 or 28! I hope that I can collaborate with you and this amazing platform in showing all plus size women that we matter and that we are beautiful no matter what size, age, or race! @aubhayes_
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It means my back rolls, arm fat, and periodic neck rolls are still fly as hell!
Chelle Shantai (Facebook)