I “Wish” You Didn’t

Over the last three days the clothing application “Wish” was under fire for a tasteless ad. If you Google “Wish plus size tights” and click images, you’ll see thinner woman striking an ANTM pose in a pair of hose.

To those who don’t identify as fat or plus size, this moment is not for you to lack understanding. For those who do, don’t let this nip at your +PlusSizeMagic.

So let’s take a moment to walk through this. You log on to a website looking for clothing items that fit your body. It has been a long time coming to even have the ability to find something stylish and nothing that looks like your Sunday best all the time. You stroll over to Wish.com and you’re looking for some tights. It’s December and I need to cover my knees. COLD. As you scroll down the webpage you see this:

A clear reminder that one, no one did a quick hashtag search for #plussizemodels or at least didn’t try. Two, you’re shown again that bigger bodies are comparable to multiple smaller sized bodies in one. This picture reminds me that “I’m so huge more than one person could fit in my tights” or that old saying poking at the idea that fat people had to eat someone. It’s the end of 2017, there clearly was a better way to do this.

The use of a person whom could actually fit the tights would have given me a visual of how I would look in this purchase. Instead, it showed me “Hey! It’s hella room in these. See!? Buy them.”

Now a few people may see these ads (whom identify as fat) and say what’s the big deal? Hell, they look roomy enough for a grown woman to build a fort around her so I should be able to fit them.


The problem is these images further perpetuate that seeing bigger bodies is still taboo. That having a large woman sport a bra and panties in items that are semitransparent may still offend or gross out customers. It reminded many women that no matter what, you are replaceable and yet some will still buy it.

As an adult, I could give a damn about you flaunting me on your website if you don’t respect my body. I don’t need the reminders that only particular types of “fat” are acceptable. But I wasn’t always this way. I was a young girl once that couldn’t understand why I was always at the center of a bad joke. I remember being shot down for dreaming of being on a magazine, out loud. I only saw myself having the opportunity to grace a cover if I could lose weight. But it’s not just tights, they have other clothing items too.

Wish: These pants can fit anybody!

Me: So what you’re saying is, two people can fit in one pair of my pants? Thanks fam.

But here is what I learned: there is power in the dollar. SOMETIMES IM GLAD IM AN ADULT. OTHER TIMES, NOT SO MUCH. I get to pick and choose who I support. It’s my money and I need y’all to get it together.

But why beg someone not to stick a non-representative body in a pair of nylons and stretch them to their physical capacity? Riddle me this, will my tights come with someone who will hold them open like said picture as I slide into them? Didn’t think so.

I’m trying to figure out why no one spoke up during the conference meeting (if there was one) and said “Y’all, this not a good look because [insert clapback]“. No one “Wished” they had a better idea, but the ones who were shamed? Like me.

As I continue to do this work, I know more bs is sure to come. But don’t worry, I stay ready.

Bet y’all “Wish” you didn’t publish this.

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