Brandon Caples: Fat Ass Swag (December Guest Blogger)

Brandon Caples is from the home of the No Limit Soldiers (I THOUGHT I TOLD YA) aka New Orleans and created the brand and movement titled Fat Ass Swag. Typically, the phrase “fat ass” is used in ways to demean this who identify as fat with larger bodies. His guest blog feature helps to bring light to a topic that is always sought to be nonexistent for males who identify a fat. Read as below as he shares his story, style, and sexy.


Define plus-size/fat as a male and the intersections of being a plus-size man while finding fashion?

A: Being a plus-size/fat man has been hard. Especially, when it comes to fashion. But I would define being a plus-size male in fashion as a boss, innovator, and resourceful. I have struggled with my weight for most of my life and it takes a certain kind of person to be able to live life as a bigger person and still have all the self-confidence in the world. Being fashionable in the plus size world is not always easy because of the lack of selection and limited supply of clothing available in bigger sizes. There was a period of my life where I would go to the mall and be unable to either find or fit anything in the store. Still today, I struggle with finding clothes in my size or stores that carry larger sizes. However, I am optimistic that that is changing given the rise of more and more men of size in the public eye.

Why is this representation about big/fat men important when it comes to fashion?

A: As I said on my blog, as a young boy, I had a dreamed that there was a guy out there like me, who loved fashion, who used his artistic skills to express his feelings through clothing, and who wanted to shatter the stigma of having big people in fashion. I never had the luxury of meeting such person, but growing up, Andre Leon Talley became that iconic person in fashion for me. This is really important for both men and women who struggle with their weight because as a plus-size person it’s hard to be taken serious in the fashion industry. When you find someone who resonates with you and succeeding the business it gives you the confidence that you too can take the fashion industry by storm.


What are some misconceptions/myths that people have about larger bodies especially when trying to discover trendy fashions or fashion in general?

A: I think one main one is that we are super unhealthy and lazy. I think this something that stem from the health field to make people with larger bodies feel bad and in some ways make the person hate themselves and their body. Nothing is worse than someone who has never struggled with their weight to pass judgment on someone who has. We all come in different shape and sizes but just because I am a few pounds more or have body fat doesn’t mean I am not healthy or going to die. As far as fashion people have a major problem with policing clothing for bigger people. Meaning that if you of size you can’t wear crop tops because that’s a trend for smaller people and I think that’s absurd.

How are you deconstructing the ideologies around larger bodies being in these spaces?

A: I created Fat Ass Swag for that sole purpose to dismantle these crazy misconceptions. I created Fat Ass Swag for that reason to fill that void of a site and clothing line that catered to men of size. It is important because our voices matter and it establishes a common ground where people who are bigger can go.

Advice or favorite stores to find clothing that are made for bigger bodies?

A: My style is inspired by whatever I think is hot at the moment but Kanye West and Andre Leon Talley definitely inspired my style, but I also polish my own style by taking fashion risk which may not be the norm for a bigger guy. If you are anyone of size male or female, you have to know what works for your body type. All body types are NOT created equal but once you figure out what works for you harness that but don’t be afraid to mix your style up from time to time. I love shopping at these stores Burlington, American Eagle, Old Navy, Aldo, Dillard’s, Macy’s, TJ Maxx, Kohl’s, Wilson is Leather, Ralph Lauren, Zara, and ASOS.


Describe the movement behind Fat Ass Swag?

A: Fat Ass Swag is a movement that brings visibility to plus-size men’s fashion. Fat Ass Swag was created as a plus-size guide for men who have style or for men who would like to know where to get plus-size fashionable clothing. This site is not only a blog but a movement in which bigger men are standing together saying we too can be edgy, fashionable, and have swag. This movement that we are all witnessing is exactly why the birth of Fat Ass Swag is so important. Plus-size men are on the rise in fashion! Not only are men of bigger sizes breaking down barriers, but are kicking the door down. We are no longer asking to be included in the topic of positive body image, but rather sitting at the table whether there is opposition or not. Often many of our peers tend to use the word “fat” as a way to shame us. When you have been dubbed as “fat” your whole life, somewhere down the line that word doesn’t leave a scar like it did the first time someone said it to you. Fat Ass Swag was chosen because fat ass men also have fat ass swag meaning having a “big, bold, and chic” wardrobe. I realize the name is daring and it definitely catches your attention, but that’s the goal. This website is important! There are no other websites out there like it. With the rise of more fashionable men of size, it only seemed right to create a brand that represents the everyday man. Fat Ass Swag was designed to give a voice to all men of size who feel voiceless.

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