Morgan Gray: The Marvel of a +Model (November Guest Blogger)

Morgan Gray resides in the great state of the crooked-letter-crooked-letter-I, Mississippi. Her desire to enter the world of fashion includes her use of colorful clothing, snazzy snaps, and a attitude with the figure to match. However, breaking into this space can isolate you from a community you sometimes feel you can not claim as your own. Below she speakers of her journey to flourish as a plus size powerhouse. Morgan will surely end up on a runway near you.


In the fashion industry, being plus sized is a size 8 and up, technically. For me, being plus sized means there is more love for you to give and more of you to share. Being a model means that you are able to transform ideas and concepts into still images of light. You are able to allude to the imagination of people. Being plus sized means that you have to work hard to to appeal to others and you have to prove that you are worthy in some cases, as a woman then as plus sized. It becomes stressful at times because you know that everyone will not accept you.

Representation in the field is important because you have no clue who you are going to meet. Being “Body Positive” means that you are not ashamed of your body, and, in a sense, you try to pursued others that you are just as beautiful as the next person. If I can just reach one girl or boy, and help them understand the meaning behind their worth, then all of this hard word will not go to waste. Hence, the reason why body positive representation is key, people are looking up to me.


I have had photographers tell me that they will not work with me, even though I have more work experience and more talent than other models, simply because of my size.

I know because I’m plus-size many people believe I am not pretty, so I have a hard time working with photographers. People expect me to be nervous, and be ashamed of myself,  but I never am BUT I NEVER AM. The most challenging thing is working with photographers in my area. I know it’s because of my shape and it is really sad to know that “creative” people can be so close minded. I have had photographers tell me that they will not work with me, even though I have more work experience and more talent than other models, simply because of my size. Photographers refuse to post any of my work of their social media not allowing me to received equal promotion compared to the “regular models”. It is frustrating because my work is just as good, if not better. I have difficulties within in the plus size community as well. There are other blogs that will rarely post my work. Although I identify as plus size, I am isolated because I am not as big as other models. Most plus models range from 300 pounds to 400 pounds. I get looked over a lot and it hurts to be rejected by your own community.

I know that often times people also expect me to be naked on social media because that’s what most body positive people do, but that is not my forte. I am a woman first, and I embrace my body. I want people to know that I am not just my size. During the 1970’s many social movements were born, but the most memorable would be the Civil Rights Movement. At the same time, white women had their own “Women’s Rights Movement”. African American women decided to put their race first, before their sex, to show people what was more important. Often times I do the same thing. I want people to understand that first, I am human, then I am black, then I am a woman, and lastly I am plus sized. Being bigger does not deter from my intellect, my social skills, or my productivity. I can defy all odds. I am just me. I push myself to the limit. I am not just a model, I am also a stylist and I plan on graduating from Mississippi State University with a fashion design and merchandising degree. I plan on becoming will become a creative director. I have work on my mini blog on Instagram, @ur.sotrendy. And to anyone reading: I work so hard just to prove to others that I am the best and I don’t allow my weight or my looks to stop myself from reaching the MANY goals I have set for myself.


Being able to be featured on Fatness Fiction is a triumph for me! This is an amazing victory. I started my instagram, @dang.morgs, a year ago and I average 250 likes per picture and have 2,000 followers. I am from Mississippi, that’s unheard of in my town. I am able to travel anywhere in America and work with photographers from different places. I have models that will drive from different states just to work with me. I am getting to place where I can promote my own brand. Reasons like these motive me to keep going.


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