Summer Body Series Pt. 2 “Confidence” feat. Tiara Stevens


To be in a bigger body during the summer can be rough. You want to be as naked as possible but not too naked where people are looking at you crazy because they’re not comfortable with your size. When in actuality, the problem is they’re not comfortable with your size. However, you are the person who has to live in your  body and not them. Society puts so much stress on bigger bodies, which makes you feel self-conscious of your body. When you look at the models on television, Instagram, Google, etc. you start to compare yourself. BIG NO NO! Go outside your house, and none of the women on tv are the same women you see in the general public. Sooooo, live your best life honey chile.  One tip that I will give for bigger bodies is to dress for your body, but be bold and confident all in one swoop. What I’ve learned for myself is to dress for my body shape and not care about what the next person thinks. I’ve learned to take more risks with dressing, stepping out of my comfort zone, and say FUCK SOCIETIES BEAUTY STANDARD AND DO FOR TIARA.

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Getting to this point, takes a lot of personal growth and do-diligence on improvement. I will say that taking proper hygiene precautions is a must. I do take more showers than usual because being in a bigger body you sweat more and it’s just not comfortable, but then and again I think “normal” sized people do the same thing. This is another comparison of looking at others and thinking do they go through the same struggles as you. I’ve been around smaller people whom had a strong odor while I’m smelling like lavender. You can’t compare yourself to smaller size bodies because that’s not you. You have to compare yourself to you, what do you want to wear, and what are you are comfortable wearing. Whatever it is, wear it. The key word is CONFIDENCE, showing society “I’m here and I came to slay!” You are stronger than you think, don’t discredit yourself because all you have is yourself.

My mom always told me you come in this world alone and you’re going to leave this world alone. I have lived by that motto my whole life. You don’t need anyone to justify who you are or give them justification of self-love.  You have to love yourself because if you don’t exhaust it, what makes you think the world will. You will deteriorate while the world keeps moving. So in these summer months when you’re not feeling your best speak positivity over your day and speak positivity over your life. The universe hears you, so speak positivity into existence. I look in the mirror and give myself positive affirmations every morning to set the mood for the day. So in conclusion, I listen to OT GENASIS “PUSH IT” and THREE 6 MAFIA “DIS B**** DAT H**” I know it’s ratchet, but it gets me hype and I feel like I’m going to have a good day afterwards.


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