Full Curv Court W/ Mary JB of Curvilinear Radio

They’re playing basketball, We love that basketball. Basketball is my favorite spote, I love they way they dribble up and down the court…

It’s that time of year where teams compete for the NBA Playoffs and we see teams bust-a-move and break-a-sweat to prove they are the season’s champions. But Fatness Fiction had the pleasure to speak with Mary JB of Curvilinear who took the style of basketball created by Janiece Bryant and Ti’onna Barnes into OVERTIME aka the 5th Quarter. This photo shoot is more than a halftime show (Take notes Fergie, better to be seen than…nvm). The curvy models took the BBall sport into a sexy overhaul and they showed out!


Read below as she shares the inspiration, challenges, and overall GlamsketBall look.

What was the inspiration behind the photo shoot?
The NBA shoot was created by Janiece Bryant and Ti’onna Barnes who hired me to be the Posing Director.  The Curvy in the City (NYC) concept was created me and my team with Curvilinear Radio. The inspiration was to spread body positivity. We want each lady that participates to feel confident and embrace their bodies. These photo shoots were created to show that all ladies of any size can be just as sexy, and just as beautiful as the typical image of a model.


What was the greatest lesson (challenge/triumph) with this shoot?

My greatest challenge with this shoot was pulling out each lady’s inner “fierceness”. We all don’t know, at first, our ability to see our own beauty, but it is there. The greatest triumph was speaking with each lady, and allowing them to be themselves. My responsibility is to ensure that the ladies natural movements and poses are flattering to the camera. Being able to see the joy in their faces once they saw how beautiful they were in that moment was the greatest gift. I also question my own abilities; so I can relate with these women. I push through and pray that the end result will always be rewarding.

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How were the models selected and how was that experience?         
For the NBA shoot  Janiece Bryant and Ti’onna Barnes placed a invite on Facebook that allowed an open platform for those looking to expand their individual portfolio or to build their confidence to sign up, and join the movement. The movement is called I am Confidently Curvy.
For the #IamCurvilinear “Curvy in the City” shoot; I selected those ladies through an interview process (hosted on my radio show), and casting calls that we all attended. I felt that each lady in that shoot was relatable, and beautiful in their own skin! We are a group of model sisters that want to encourage and spread the message of self love. Each experience is so empowering. The love and respect is refreshing. To hear women encourage each other, and their willingness to trust my direction is amazing.


What are your goals as a plus size fashion designer/creator/influencer?

My goal as a plus size model is to show the world that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Plus size is not just one body type. The token wide hips and small waist does not describe the average plus size woman. I want to have all plus size forms displayed; that shows nothing but “slayage”!

I have a radio show with two other curvy women Mesha “Ms. Hot Spot” and Keke with an “E” called Curvilinear Radio. I developed this show to shine positive light on plus size women. Curvilinear means curvy lines or a Curvy Figure, and we embody this definition. I want to influence women to embrace every curve of their body. Love yourself as is! If you want to work on your body by all means do so; but love your image. When you look into the mirror and see your own reflection; fall in love with it. Regardless of how much weight you lose; if you don’t love yourself at your most uncomfortable state than that true love for self will not come to full capacity. How can you show anyone how to love you if you first don’t love yourself?

As a designer I want to make flattering items that will help my plus size divas feel confident and bold. My first design that I brought to life was my Miami Heat Jersey. I want more plus size edgy gear. I am hoping to show the fashion industry that Plus Size can wear it all. Learn the correct shape of the average plus size woman and you’ll open a gold mine.

Advice you have for plus size bodies that want to design/create?

My advice is to dive in. Do not question your own abilities; all it does is hold you back from greatness. Regardless of what you do someone will have something negative to say. Push yourself and your talents. Creativity is one of the best gifts God gave us. Not everyone has this gift; don’t waste it!


 What does it mean to be plus size and sexy?

It means to be confident, bold, and courageous with your look; which is something I strive for. Being plus size to me means that I must put forth effort into my appearance. Be a little over the top and think outside of the box.  If you see sexy when you see me, and not just my size then I have accomplished my goal!

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Mary JB (Curvilinear Radio)

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