The Ultimate Slay: #iAmCurvBella

Who said plus size women can’t slay and look amazing doing so? If you or someone you know needs an example, I have 100+ women who can help you with that. Curv Bella Boutique’s owner, Latoya Burton put on her 5th Holiday Gala and Fashion Show that showcased a plethora of beautiful clothing items for women typically left out of the demands and desires of the fashion industry. These women exquisitely represented body types from the entire spectrum of plus size women.

Upon entering the vicinity, women boasted their curves, hips, breasts, arms, legs, brown skin, light skin, afros, bundles, makeup and everything else while sporting their #iAmCurvBella t-shirts with unique flair. Some of the shirts were cut, bleached, dyed, and hit with hints of glitter, a lot of flair, and most importantly, originality. I stopped in awe as women walked past one another giving compliments, hyping up their fellow model, and taking selfies galore. Me and my camera were SHOOK! The rooms had jams from the 99 to the 2000 and even further back. Room after room had women helping one another perfect their outfit and prepare for the show of the year, especially for plus size women.

In the fashion industry, being fat or plus sized is not an acceptable and celebrated trend. YET. At least not in the ways similar to the Victoria Secret fashion show televised each year. I await for the day, we too, get the opportunity to show off the same bodies that are worthy of a television screen. So I ask, what is stopping this? The visual of seeing something extra? A little more back fat than America would like on their primetime television? Something else? But we no longer need to wait for mainstream media, we are creating our own platforms and continue to support them.

Curv Bella is helping to bring this dream of plus size fashion shows to reality. Once I heard that a family member was participating in the show, I quickly found my way to Latoya’s inbox and asked if I could do media coverage. When I received my invitation to be behind the scenes and on the runway to record, it further affirmed that the work I am doing for Fatness Fiction and +Plus Size Magic Radio was a step OR STRUT in the right direction. *cat walks*

Bigger bodies, fat bodies, or plus size bodies, are always told what we can not do. But, NO ONE ASKED Y’ALL THAT. Here’s the kicker…people are then surprised by what we can do and the ladies of the evening did just that! They showed a room and social media what could be done. Most of the participants were first time runway models, but they shined ever so bright. Now they may add the moniker “model” to their resume or social media bios.

As the show kicked off, the dance team moved effortlessly with moves that would be a show stopper at any Yonce concert. These women moved with confidence and sex appeal. The sultry moves and 1-2-3 cadences made people 500 supporters hop out of their seats with excitement and the desire to see more.

The theme of the night was deemed “A Burgundy Affair” and Curv Bella stayed true to the phrase. Bodycon dresses, maxi skirts and dresses, jumpsuits, and more were slayed down the runway as models showed off a mix of burgundy items that highlighted and flattered the curves of each model. Every song played by the DJ supported the empowerment of these women as they moved with grace and power, working their stylishly covered bodies.

As the night came to a close, I reflected and wished that I had the opportunity years ago to see women that were reflective of my body size on a runway so confident and chasing a dream they had. For some, this was an opportunity to open doors and for others it was a space for them to feel celebrated and sexy in public spaces as they may feel in private.

These women came to show the world what an ultimate slay is and it happened in a city that I hold close to my heart, Detroit.

See more photos below and be on the look out for the small video clip of the evening. Shop the runway fashions at Curv Bella’s website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

All photos captured by Ellise Smith of Fatness Fiction

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  1. I had a blast! I will return next casting. I felt so empowered asks SEXY! Thank you CurveBella!

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