Ink My Whole Body…Well, My Arm

In the words of the great Wiz Khalifa “Ink my whole body, I don’t give…” and you may fill in the blank. Shout out to X’ana for hyping up my tat experience with the Wiz reference and Charmane for holding my hand because…IT AIN’T HURT. Yes it did.

I took a trip to Las Vegas and it got me TEW-GET-HER (together). I saw lights (I love city skylines!), I saw people, and that HEAT. No. Just, no. Heat and my body weight do not mix and I am totally okay saying that. But like the “G” I am, I strutted through the heat and brought the fire! I dressed to impress…somebody. I do not have one idea who it was, but I did it.

However, my trip to the hottest playground known to the human species (in my opinion) I learned a lot and appreciated my experience. By that, I am learning to shed layers of clothes and REALLY get into the message behind Fatness Fiction: The ability to love yourself and not limit yourself. This includes looking at the “flaws” defined by the world and celebrating them as milestones of life. The stretch marks. The cellulite. The fat in places that I wish sometimes were in other places. The jiggle in my step. The rolls on my back. All of it. ALL. OF. IT. I would be lying if I said I have completely learned to accept who I am today. I would also be lying if I said I don’t have my days where I curl into a ball in shame because of everything I listed above. I am TELLING THE TRUTH when I say this journey has inspired me and made me realize it is not just about seeking to be accepted in spaces that always find a way to reject you.

So I decided to get a tattoo. Yep. A whole-permanent-non soap removable-for life-grandma might be mad-biker girl sleeve (okay, not a sleeve) tattoo. I did it. MY FIRST ONE! At the age of 27 I slapped on some ink and the kid feels good about it. Side note: 27 has been a wild year. I feel like I should have done these things at 25 but nope! Here I am. 27. So why did I get it? NO I WAS NOT DRUNK IN VEGAS…when I got the tattoo. I was sober. I wanted to be sober. I went in the tattoo parlor with a plan and purpose. I was going to get something that would be there for life. LIFE. (“Liiiifffeee, lifeee” – K-Ci & JoJo)

I chose the left arm because its near my heart. I don’t keep many things close to my heart because I’ve been hurt before. I know. I know. We all have. Being hurt is not cool, fam. Therefore I needed to symbolize that it is okay to love and be open again with no promise or guarantee. You are only promised that you gave your all. So for that, I put this symbol of love on my arm. The location is also discrete for a reason. I wanted to see it but not for it to be obvious (having a job is still critical at this broke stage of my life).

Why red? Because I put my BLOOD, sweat, and tears in this. This was expensive, not some red bottoms, but this a bloody tattoo (Cardi E voice). I also wanted the intertwining of the letters to symbolize veins (after exposed to oxygen, shout out to the science course) with this brand running through my blood. Also, red looks good.

In closing, I had to give myself a reminder why I am doing this and a way to keep myself motivated. There is a story built in this tattoo and more chapters will be added as I live this life fighting to make Fatness Fiction a household name and brand. I want each curve in this cursive font to represent a new chapter and I will share each one with you all.

I’m not itching for another. But, my arm itches.

Magically Yours,



2 thoughts on “Ink My Whole Body…Well, My Arm

  1. This! Yassss! It’s dope to see how you created what can be used as your personal daily affirmation. Gone queen. Make magic!

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